Math Advising

Currently, we only offer advising in K-12 math and select tests listed below in the test prep section.  We advise instead of tutor because we believe our advisors offer more than your typical tutor.  Our advisor is matched up with your student for the entirety of your time at Alpha Delta Academy and is specially trained to recognize your students strengths and weaknesses.  They will teach your student to capitalize on their strengths while helping them work through their weaknesses.  Our advisors are available 24/7 through email and during their office hours by phone or video chat.  It is expected for any of our programs that your student meet at least weekly with their advisor.  

Homework Help

Has homework time become a dreaded hour in your household?  Is your student frustrated with your explanations because "that's not the way the teacher does it."  Has your child passed your mathematical ability?  Advising for homework help is available for elementary, middle, and high school math, and even some lower level college math courses.   Keep an eye out for our future homework  club.


This program can help your student to catch up and succeed in math.  This is strongly recommended for any students struggling  in their math class.  Often times struggling students are missing the prior knowledge necessary for the subject they are enrolled in and the classroom environment does not lead itself to teaching or reteaching prior lessons.  
The first session is spent learning about the student and what they are struggling or have struggled with.  The student is also given a formal or informal evaluation to determine their strengths and weaknesses.  From this evaluation a personalized remediation program is created for your student.  Your student will meet with an advisor on a weekly basis to monitor their progress and adapt their program as needed. Remediation can be done during the school year or over Summer break.  Summer is the perfect time for your student to catch up and possibly even get ahead in math in preparation for the next school year.


Math enrichment is a way for students who are at or above grade level to have their knowledge challenged, extended, and applied through debate, lectures from professionals in the field, workshops, projects, and research.  Math enrichment is offered year round as an extensive, rigorous study of the prior class the student has taken, the current class a student is taking, or a future class the student will enroll in.  The advisor will create curriculum personalized for the student to maximize the student's potential.

Test Prep

Do you or your student have a big test coming up?  Whether it is a big midterm, the SAT, or the GRE; we offer advising that can help you or your student succeed.  Test prep advising is bought as a package of 5 hours or more.
We offer test prep on the following tests: 
• K-12 Mathematics STAR Tests
• All high school class tests/midterms/finals
• All high school math placement exams
• AP Calculus AB/BC 
• PSAT Mathematics 
• SAT Mathematics 
• SAT Subject Tests: Mathematics Level 1, Mathematics Level 2 
• Select college math placement exams